My Vision

Experienced and informed. It's my privilege to serve the residents of Pleasanton, all of Pleasanton.

My focus as Mayor will be to champion local initiatives and advocate for responsible growth. 

Champion Local Initiatives 

  • Retain local control of our city government from state legislators and agencies.  

  • Strengthen city partnership with our award-winning schools and school district. 

  • Advocate for pension reform and sustainable budget management. 

  • Support our public safety first-responders and create updated policies through constructive dialogue and engagement. 

  • Encourage and foster cultural inclusiveness in our city and civic representation for our residents.

  • Support complete streets updates with consideration for bicycle and pedestrian routes for all.


Advocate for Responsible Growth 

  • Continue the fight to protect our open space, ridge lines, and natural resources. 

  • Support our business community to maintain a strong revenue base, including impacts from COVID-19. 

  • Continue planning for a new library and city facilities. 

  • Protect and provide clean water and expand our successful recycled water program throughout the city. 

  • Collaborate with regional and state partners on affordable housing for all residents and our workforce. 

  • Advocate for planned progress, only with community benefit; Stop rampant growth required by state legislation and RHNA requirements. 

"Addressing the pressing issues around traffic, schools, economic development, public safety, cultural inclusiveness and affordable housing is a challenge, and I've met these challenges. With your support, I will continue to represent Pleasanton with fiscal responsibility, conservative values, and a collaborative work etiquette. I will continue to work with the Council and our City Staff to prepare, plan and preserve the future of Pleasanton."                                                                                                                                                                    Councilman Jerry Pentin 

My Priorities

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I've been involved with our local schools since I arrived in Pleasanton.  Back then it was through my professional services where I donated the production of a number of videos for PUSD and PPIE. And through my efforts with the Pleasanton North Rotary Foundation and my fundraising organization "Cycling for a Cause" I've supported many academic programs at our local high schools and Las Positas College, donating over 70,000 dollars in the past ten years to Mock Trial, Comp Civics ("We the People"), AVHS/FHS Drama Clubs, AVHS Engineering/Robotics and the Veteran's program at Las Positas. I fully support any and all efforts the city can provide on behalf of our schools to help keep them one of the top rated districts in the nation. 

City Library & City Facilities

One project that is near and dear to me is the opportunity we have with the planning of our new City Library on the Bernal Community Park site. I was an alternate from the Council for the Civic Center/Library task force and since that task force completed its mission it's apparent that we really need to build the City Library along with a community center. I believe the current library can be retrofitted for City Staff and serve as our Civic Center in the future. Many residents don't realize it but our library is the busiest municipal building in Pleasanton serving everyone in many capacities. 


Affordable workforce housing is a critical issue in Pleasanton. The City of Pleasanton is faced with additional zoning to meet RHNA (State mandated Regional Housing Needs Assessment) in 2022. In the spirit of our 1996 housing cap, I know when our council and city staff are faced with the new requirements by the state, we'll really struggle as to where to site all of the new zoning. I will work hard to facilitate what we can but will also continue my collaborative efforts with our state legislators to minimize these impacts. Then, when the time comes, I will fight the requirements set forth by the Housing Community Development Agency and the Association of Bay Area Governments that will require us to re-zone for such high densities that will lead to rampant development, which Pleasanton residents are adamantly against, even if that means litigation. And it's possible that we may have an argument as to how the RHNA numbers are devised if our business model changes after the pandemic order is lifted and work-from-home changes the flow of vehicle miles traveled to and from our community, lessening the greenhouse gas impacts, something the state will certainly have to evaluate. 


I believe any new projects forthcoming absolutely require community benefit. By that I mean veteran, senior or special needs type housing will have to be included as part of any application to the city. It's important to recognize that we need affordable housing, one way or another. There isn't any step-up housing in Pleasanton anymore, so if your children grow up and move, as my daughter has done, it is becoming increasing impossible for them to return later in life. We need to address this, with this council and future councils. 



It's imperative that we maintain a healthy vibrant environment to attract new business and as importantly, retain the businesses already established here. Pleasanton is blessed with our multiple business parks and wonderful downtown businesses. Pleasanton wouldn't be the community it is without the support we receive from our business partners. As a long time member of the Chamber of Commerce it was my pleasure to provide input for Vision 2025 and its subsequent update. Encouraging strong support of business in Pleasanton is a priority for me. It was also quite an honor for my business to be recognized in 2011 by the Chamber with the "Excellence in Business Award". And in view of the impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic, working with our business community, large and small, is imperative to the continued success of our city. I'm proud to have supported our city creating the Business Support Program earmarking 3 million dollars for small businesses during this difficult time. We have a long way to go. To continue to understand the impacts and be ready to manage those, I will do that as your Mayor. 


If you lived in Pleasanton as long as I have or longer (30 years) you know and are experiencing the change in our traffic patterns, none for the better. It's important to note that since 2000 Pleasanton has virtually been a no or slow growth community with much or more than 50% of our development being senior housing (not including the current building due to the illegal housing cap lawsuit), which doesn't impact traffic as regular development does. That said, as much as we love our regional neighbors, both in the Tri-Valley and over the Altamont, it's their growth you experience with traffic every day. I support ValleyLink (our new train service from over the Altamont to BART) now that BART has finally determined it won't build out to Livermore, as it had promised, taking our taxes since 1960. We need this ValleyLink train service and having served as an alternate on the formation committee I understand the importance of doing this now to alleviate additional impacts to our transit system in the future. BART to Ace connectivity is also a priority with me as well as finishing the expansion of Highway 84. Even with election as your Mayor, I probably won't be in office to see these projects completed but will do my part to see they get built. 


I spend as much of my free time outdoors as possible. With my responsibilities over these past eight years as your councilman that's a bit less these days but I still get up on the Pleasanton Ridge every week with some of my running and biking friends. I am adamant about protecting our hillsides and ridges. As a former Park & Recreation Commissioner I'm proud of the variety and diversity of our parks, all 43 of them, that we have and maintain in Pleasanton. While we've taken the strongest measures to protect our hillsides and ridges, it's important to recognize property rights and work within these protective measures fairly.   

E-Cigarette/Vaping Ban​/Smoking Ordinance 

In July 2019, I advocated for the council to agendize a staff report to ban e-cigarettes and vaping products in Pleasanton. When I learned that our Youth Commission had been working on this as its health issue for the year, I was happy to defer discussion until the Youth Commission formally requested the ban. I've been supportive in banning all e-cigarettes and vaping products 1,000 feet from all schools and parks. These products are already illegal for our youth (under 21) to purchase, but this new ordinance puts teeth into enforcing it. I also support a Tobacco Retailer License because, again, this allows for enforcement against those selling to our youth. I also have fought to add condominiums or any shared wall habitat to our smoking ordinance, which was not supported by our council when we banned smoking in apartments. 


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