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Vote Pentin for mayor


The mayoral ballot features two sitting council members who are terming out after eight years — Pentin and Karla Brown — along with three political newcomers in Monith Ilavarasan, Tom Turpel and Druthi Ghanta.


A demonstrated leader in Pleasanton, Pentin has run an invigorated campaign prioritizing safety, housing, business support, traffic relief, the environment, education and local control. A former Marine who now runs a media production company downtown, Pentin previously served on the city’s Planning, and Parks and Recreation commissions in addition to the Firehouse Arts Center and Callippe Preserve Golf Course task forces.


His work on the council’s Legislative Subcommittee will be also invaluable as the city looks to maintain its reputation as the “City of Planned Progress” in the face of impacts from the state and federal governments. We also view Pentin as a natural successor to outgoing Mayor Jerry Thorne, keeping the city on its strong path with an effective leadership style and comparable priorities.


Karla Brown likewise has been a proven independent thinker on the City Council during her eight years in office. She’s shown herself to actively engage a number of community views and at times willing to be a lone critical voice in dissent to a council majority or city staff. She has also been a standout advocate for Pleasanton on groups like the Liver-more Amador Valley Transit Authority board (but so has Pentin).


Where we give one slight edge to Pentin is the experience category; though they both have eight years on the council, Pentin has extra layers of public service on his record. We also see Pentin as the more effective leader to guide Pleasanton as it evolves into the future — and yes, that evolution will have to include some growth because of local needs and state mandates. We see more feasibility in Pentin’s responsible growth platform than Karla Brown’s less-specific slow growth vision.


We’ll be sad to see Karla Brown’s voice leave the dais due to the city’s term limit law, but we really hope she remains engaged in public service and even considers running for other local or regional offices to help ensure Pleasanton is well-represented at all levels.


Ilavarasan, an Amador alum and young tech professional, impressed at our online candidate forum Sept. 3 with inspired ideas to address key issues like community inclusivity, police reform, affordable housing and COVID-19. But knowing about government and knowing how to govern are two very different things. We encourage Ilavarasan to seek a seat on the Planning Commission or another city body to gain necessary experience.


Turpel, a Pleasanton native and first-time candidate, did not participate in our forum and responded in-consistently to our comment requests so far. His stated campaign priorities are muddled at best, but more noticeable is an apparent lack of public engagement.


The final candidate, Ghanta, told us she needed to bow out of the campaign after qualifying for the ballot in order to focus on more important personal priorities than trying to be elected as mayor. 


Pleasanton voters are lucky to have three really engaged candidates, two with good governance experience and one with the leadership presence needed to continue the city’s strong record of accomplishments into the future. Jerry Pentin will be that mayor for Pleasanton.

A mayoral endorsement

Dear Editor,

I have known and worked with Jerry Pentin for more than 20 years in Pleasanton. As your mayor I feel well-qualified to address his dedication to our community and his absolute integrity. Jerry’s training as a U.S. Marine has given him the leadership skills required to ensure our city remains one of the most desirable places to live in the United States. 


This is a city in which our families are protected by a community-oriented, well-trained, highly skilled and fully dedicated police department. As the son of a police officer, Jerry is uniquely qualified to address questions of police reform. He knows our department subscribes to a com-munity policing model. He knows our citizens’ oversight committee is already in place, called City Council. 


During Jerry’s eight years as a council member, he has served on several commissions, committees, and task forces at the local, state, county and federal level. This has given him recognition from other officials, and he is well prepared to be a strong voice for Pleasanton when it comes to presenting the city’s stance on matters of importance including maintaining local control of our land use as well as other important issues. 


As a member of the Firehouse Arts Center and Veteran’s Memorial Hall task forces, he helped guide the reinvention of two Pleasanton treasures into facilities we can all admire and enjoy.


Won’t you please join me in voting for Jerry Pentin, Pleasanton mayor.

Jerry T. Thorne, Mayor of Pleasanton

Vote for Dad


I am writing to ask the citizens of Pleasanton to elect my Dad, Jerry Pentin, as mayor.


We need a mayor who is honest, informed and dedicated to what is best for our city. We need a natural leader who will be stalwart through the challenges our city will face, and Jerry is that mayor. Most importantly, he does not spin the truth or waiver from his principles, and that is key in this mayoral election. His many local, regional, state, and federal endorsements agree with me.


Jerry has always put the country, community, and his family before himself. He served in the United States Marine Corps where he learned true grit and ultimate dedication. When selecting your next mayor, consider the candidate who served our country.


Jerry taught me to practice service-above-self and to take pride in and give back to my community from an early age. He has been an active member of our community for 25-plus years, including as a member of Rotary, the Callippe Golf Course Committee, Parks and Recs Commission, Planning Commission, several civic subcommittees and eight years on the City Council. He studies the issues from both sides before making an informed decision — never taking a shortcut.


In his role as my Dad, I cannot ask for more. He has always kept me front and center in his life, and I know his dedication to Pleasanton has been to make it better for our future generations.


Vote for Dad!


Joi Pentin

Pentin has leadership and experience


I have had the privilege of knowing, working and serving with Jerry Pentin on various Pleasanton civic committees and community service projects for over 28 years.


Jerry is a true, steadfast leader who diligently researches every topic and gathers community input before making decisions as to what he feels is best for Pleasanton. He is a selfless leader and visionary who always encourages family, friends and residents to be involved in civic or community service organizations.


Jerry has the utmost integrity in his professional, civic and personal life. Jerry is an awesome dad and husband of 36 years. Rotary’s “service above self” motto is reflected in everything Jerry does. He is more a civil servant than he is a politician.


Unlike others, Jerry does not allow those with special interests to influence his decisions, but rather, he does the research and promotes what he feels is best for the community at large, even if it may be unpopular with the small, loud minority. He understands the balance between attracting businesses to our community with the need to provide the infrastructure needed to support those businesses.


Jerry’s vast experience of community service, civic responsibilities, plus the code of honor that is an intrinsic part of who he is as a person, make him the far and above the best candidate for mayor of Pleasanton. Jerry knows best how to navigate the current and future economic, social and environmental challenges in the years ahead. (www.votepentin.com)


Herb Ritter, Planning Commission member

Jerry Pentin: A personality perfect for Pleasanton mayor

When you get to know Jerry Pentin, as I have as a friend and fellow community service volunteer, you learn he is prepared to serve you as an outstanding mayor.


Jerry is disciplined, smart and knowledgeable. He credits his service as a Marine Corps officer for teaching him the value of honesty, loyalty and devotion to duty. In 30 years of public service, he has devoted his considerable energy to his two terms on the Pleasanton City Council and numerous boards, committees and commissions where he mastered the nuances of many major issue that he is likely to encounter as mayor. 


Jerry will fight to retain local control of city government from state legislators and agencies while advocating for affordable housing. He will continue the city’s support for its award-winning schools. He will advocate for sustainable budget management, city pension reform, cultural inclusiveness, a strong business environment and Pleasanton’s ongoing commitment to parks, ridge lines, and bicycle and pedestrian routes for all. 


Closer to home, he is a devoted family man and one of only three honorary members of Pleasanton North Rotary because of past work as club president and ongoing, hands-on participation in its numerous community services projects. Jerry Pentin is always there when you need him, which is why I support him for mayor.

Gina Piper

Pentin for mayor

I am writing in support of Jerry Pentin for mayor of Pleasanton.


In these most difficult times, we need a mayor with great integrity and demonstrated leadership skills. 


Jerry Pentin served honorably in the United States Marine Corps and it is easy to see where he developed his leadership, communication and decision-making skills. 


Jerry has lived a life of service to our country and our community. He spent many years as a member of the Pleasanton Parks and Recreation Commission before serving two terms as a City Council member. 


Just as important, Jerry has owned and operated a business in Pleasanton since 1982.


He is uniquely qualified to be our next mayor. But do not take my word for it. Look at the endorsements on his website, www.votepentin.com. Those endorsements demonstrate that Jerry Pentin works well within our community, neighboring towns in the Tri-Valley and within Alameda County.


Please join me in supporting Jerry Pentin for Mayor of Pleasanton.

Dave Caldwell

Pentin supports small business owners

I’m asking you to vote Jerry Pentin for mayor. As a local small business owner in Pleasanton, it is imperative that we elect a mayor with experience and support for the small business community. As a business owner him-self, Jerry knows that small business is the backbone to local economy and has a proven track record of support.


With COVID-19 causing so much economic hurt for so many local businesses, I trust Jerry to be the lead-er to help us recover from this tough year. His council experience over the last two terms and his passion for the city of Pleasanton make him the best choice as our next mayor.


I’ve learned since being introduced to Jerry six years ago that he genuinely enjoys giving back to the city he loves. As a Marine veteran, he understands the meaning of hard work and has the ability to make tough decisions. 


When you cast your vote this fall, please consider Jerry Pentin for mayor.

Dr. Ryan Spuller

Chamber BACPAC backs Pentin, Balch, Randy Brown

Mayoral candidate Jerry Pentin and City Council candidates Jack Balch and Randy Brown bring a combination of excellent experiences, are most closely aligned with Chamber goals articulated in Pleasanton 2025: A Community Vision, and in the view of the Pleasanton Chamber’s Business and Community Political Action Committee, are best qualified to help Pleasanton remain the Bay Area’s best place to live, work and raise a family.


Our support of Pentin is due to the quality and consistency of Jerry’s positions on issues and his track record of decisive leadership throughout his time serving the community on many different boards, commissions and the City Council. He is very familiar with city governance and we believe his experience of serving eight years on the council will be critical in helping our community move forward. 


Balch brings an infectiously positive energy to all that he does, and after more than 10 years on the Parks and Planning Commissions, he’s passionate about making a difference as a council member. Balch is keenly aware of the importance of maintaining a strong local economy in order to sustain the very highest of public services and amenities synonymous with quality of life in Pleasanton. 


Randy Brown is passionate about Pleasanton which is evident through his leadership experience with Rotary, Sunflower Hill, Agape Villages, Stanford Health Care-ValleyCare, Pleasanton Military Families and other organizations. Being a small business owner and understanding the challenges in running your own business will give Brown an excel-lent perspective as a City Council member.

John Sensiba, BACPAC chair

Support Pentin for mayor

Jerry Pentin has lived in Pleasanton 30 years. In that time, he has served on 24 committees, task forces and service organizations, plus two city commissions and eight years on City Council. Experience matters!


All of the candidates love Pleasanton. The difference is Jerry Pen-tin alone has the most experience, qualifications and capabilities to be the best mayor of all the candidates. Jerry always does his homework, is fully prepared and will have no learning curve for the responsibilities of mayor.


Yes — all the candidates love our wonderful community. The difference is that Jerry will be the best mayor.


Please elect Jerry Pentin: Mayor of Pleasanton.


Brad Hirst

Why I support Jerry Pentin

Though I support many of Jerry Pentin’s priorities, they are not the primary reasons why I support him for mayor of Pleasanton. 


I realized long ago that voting for a candidate who just supported your ideas was not necessarily going to put the best candidate in the posi-tion. I strongly believe that there are other leadership attributes which are as important, if not more so. 


I want a mayor who gives me the opportunity to share my thoughts, who sees me, listens to me, and tries to understand me. I want a mayor who takes time to do the research, both the facts and the opinions of his constituents and those impacted. 


I want a mayor who looks at the costs and benefits of each decision and finds the right balance. I want a mayor that puts in the effort to work with others to bring the best solution forward. I want a mayor who has demonstrated his commitment to others and his community through his entire adult life.


For all these reasons, Jerry Pentin is that person for me.

--Mark Linsky

Pentin: The mayor

Pleasanton needs Jerry Pentin has my vote for Pleasanton’s next mayor. As our councilman, Jerry has been a strong advocate for our city and has the essential experience to lead our community with strength, passion, fairness and truth. 


Rare is the politician who says what he means and does what he says — Jerry is that guy. His ability to collaborate with members of our community with differing views and opinions has been something I have witnessed first-hand and admire. He will keep Pleasanton a safe, welcoming community that cares.


Please join me in voting for Jerry Pentin.

--Bill Spain

Best for mayor

I first met Jerry Pentin when our Junipero Street neighbors enjoyed National Night Out. Jerry entered and won our first annual Chili Cook Off. (I must say he does make some pretty fine chili!)


I like that he shows integrity and gives straight answers when questioned about issues that matter to us, like the calming measures for Junipero Street. He supported our neighborhood through that process, and was a strong vote for getting the measures approved by the whole council. 


I like that he served our country as a Marine, and is supportive of the city’s men and women in the military. I like that he is against defunding the Police Department, and instead supports improving their policies and working with them to make them even better than they already are.


He has worked up through the ranks, including Parks and Rec Commission and Planning Commission appointments. We need his experience and integrity to lead our city and its economy from COVID issues.


My vote for mayor goes to Jerry Pentin. I hope yours will, too.

—Paul Eden

Why am I voting for Jerry Pentin


1. He is honest and will tell you the truth, whether it is what you want to hear or not, it will be the truth. Unlike his opponent who will state things you want to hear but are impossible to follow through on.


2. His experience on the various committees and commissions in this city gives him the best well-rounded experience for being our mayor.


3. He is a strong leader who will stand up for Pleasanton when being faced with housing and other mandates from Sacramento. He knows how to work and negotiate with lawmakers from Sacramento.


4. His position on our schools and how the city can help the school district. I heard his plan first hand at a local neighborhood meeting; if you can attend one and learn about Jerry and his vision for our city. it is well worth your time.


5. His track record! This is the most important reason. Seriously check out his opponents voting track record and then make your decision.


During these challenging times with so many unknowns, I personally want our city to be led by an experienced leader and one who will deliver planned progress for our future. This is what Jerry will deliver.

—Vicki LaBarge

Go with experience

I am very excited about the list of candidates for mayor: diversity, educational backgrounds, connection to the city and the enthusiasm to serve.


It takes years to understand the issues, why they arose and the people affected by them. It is important to know how to find funding and use combined resources for the overall benefit of the community.


I encourage those candidates to keep their enthusiasm for a future election. Put in the hours necessary to gain the foundation to success-fully lead the city. Serve on as many commissions as possible before running for mayor.


I am voting for Jerry Pentin be-cause he is the only candidate with 20 years of service: city committees, city commissions and City Council. He’s spent countless hours in meetings with inches-thick agenda packets that need to be carefully studied to understand the issues. No other candidate has this level of experience.


It’s easy to run, harder to serve. Gain the experience first. Then bring your enthusiasm back to the race for mayor.

—Mike Sedlak

Jerry Pentin for mayor


l strongly support Jerry Pentin for mayor.


My No. 1 reason is Jerry’s character and compassion, which he has shown during his many years of unmatched service to our community. We owe so many of Pleasanton’s community amenities to his hard work: open space, safe bike lanes, trails, recreational facilities, our vi-brant downtown, and the range of housing opportunities which Jerry has fought to make accessible to all our residents.


Jerry Pentin is the best person to lead the council as we undertake the biggest upcoming challenge of crafting our next Housing Element: providing affordable workforce housing that will support Pleasanton’s small business and corporate enterprises, and reduce traffic and air pollution from our ever-growing commute. 


Jerry’s successful track record of working with both new and longtime residents to bring needed and beneficial change is truly unmatched. He is the only candidate who has consistently transformed unmet needs into community assets.


As an advocate for affordable workforce housing, environmental activist and former City Council member, I recommend Jerry Pentin for mayor.

—Becky Dennis, Pleasanton City Council (1993-2002)

I’ve decided to vote for Jerry Pentin for mayor


After careful consideration, Jerry is the right person for our next mayor. I stopped by and talked with Jerry last weekend near the farmers’ market. Visited his website on Facebook and pulled up his bio on the city of Pleasanton website. Here are just a few of the things I’ve learned.

• Jerry has been actively involved in local government since 1997 (go to Pleasanton website to see all).
• He doesn’t accept donations from developers or special interest groups.

• He is committed to protecting our open space, ridgeline and natural resources.

• He supports our business community and strives to maintain a strong revenue base for our city.

• He is a strong advocate for pension reform and a sustainable budget.

• He believes and fights to retain local control of our city government.

• He served our country as a United States Marine.

• He is effective in collaborating to ensure affordable housing for our residents, seniors and workforce.


This is only part of why I’m voting for Jerry Pentin for mayor of Pleasanton. I hope you will join me.

—Jay Hertogs

Pentin: The candidate with experience and integrity


During my 30-plus years as a Pleasanton resident, I have engaged with past and current public officials to work through various community issues — mayors, City Council, planning commissioners and staff.


For example, as a member of the Ventana Hills steering committee, we invited council members to speak with our neighborhood and surrounding residents to discuss the Lund II property. While all took the time to meet with us, one supported putting Measure K on the ballot — needlessly costing taxpayers thousands of dollars.


Please research the candidates before you vote. Integrity, trust, and working with (not against) our community are incredibly important traits our next mayor should possess. While messages in literature may sound good, prior actions are a much better gauge of an individual’s character. Jerry has a strong history and focus on the priorities that are critical to Pleasanton’s future — public safety, housing, traffic, schools, and economic development — and, he also displays tremendous integrity.


Those are the reasons why Jerry Pentin has my vote for mayor!


—Carol Spain

Pentin for mayor


My husband Lou and I are pleased to announce we will be supporting Jerry Pentin for mayor. It is because he truly cares about Pleasanton and is well-qualified for the job.


Jerry takes time to research issues thoroughly before he makes final decisions. He is thoughtful, energetic, serious and a caring person who makes every effort to honestly serve those who call Pleasanton home. He stays abreast of the issues, seeks out input and his commitment to Pleasanton is extraordinary.


He is hardworking and has a heart for Pleasanton, which means he will make the best decisions possible for the issues on the table. He is a talented businessman, a longtime active Pleasanton volunteer, plus he is a hands-on volunteer with humanitarian projects outside the U.S.


Jerry is approachable and listens carefully. He is absolutely the right person to be mayor and will guide Pleasanton successfully into the future.


—Margene Rivara

Pentin cares about Pleasanton


I have lived in Pleasanton for 28 years and our two sons, 23 and 21, went to Lydiksen, Hart and FHS. I’ve known Jerry Pentin for about 20 years and for as long as I can remember, Jerry has always been involved in our Pleasanton community, giving back to the city he loves.


Whether it was Pleasanton North Rotary, task forces, boards, committees, commissions, or the last eight years serving on our City Council, he has always been working to make Pleasanton the best place to live for all residents.


When I say all residents, I mean all. My oldest son, Andrew, is developmentally disabled. Jerry has always taken the time to have discussions with Andrew and is truly interested in the issues that are important to him. He has even called or emailed him to follow up on these issues once they have been discussed at council meetings. Because of Jerry, Andrew feels like a valued member of our community.


Jerry cares about Pleasanton, cares about all in our community, and has served this city for over 25 years. He has the compassion, honesty, and experience it takes to be an exceptional mayor. Please join me in voting for Jerry Pentin for Pleasanton mayor.


—Janeen Rubino-Brumm

Jerry Pentin: Prepared to Become a Great Mayor

As a friend of Jerry Pentin, I have learned that he has the heart and head to become next great mayor of Pleasanton.

His heart reflects his strong character, forged through experiences as a U.S. Marine and past president of the Pleasanton North Rotary. As a Marine, Jerry learned the meaning of Semper Fi, a pledge of loyalty to God, country and fellow Marines. He is sure to bring the values of duty, honor, and integrity to meeting his responsibilities as mayor.

As a Rotarian, he exemplifies its values of “Service Above Self.”  They have expressed themselves locally the club’s hands-on and financial support of essential community services and globally through Rotary International’s initiatives to eradicate polio and to serve disadvantaged communities in many ways.


You only need to talk with Jerry for a few minutes to know he is knowledgeable and smart. His experiences during Pleasanton city councilman for eight years and participation in numerous committees, boards, and commissions for more than 20 years shine through.  He holds carefully considered positions on all key issues affecting Pleasanton, but he also listens to alternative viewpoints and is flexible enough to modify his stances when it is in the best interest of the city and its residents.


For these reasons, Jerry Pentin has my vote. I hope he has your vote, too. 


Jim Brice

Jerry Pentin puts others first

Many of you know Jerry because of what he has done on City Council for the last eight years, or how he has led projects such as the Firehouse Arts Center, Veterans Memorial Building or Callippe Preserve Golf Course, or how he has volunteered his time and money as a Rotarian.


I know him as a friend and for many years as his neighbor. He is one of the few people I can call at any hour with any need. And I have.


One Thanksgiving when my son suddenly became ill, we realized we would be unable to join my parents, aunt, uncle and cousins for our annual turkey dinner. My wife expressed how she had really been looking forward to a home-cooked, Thanksgiving meal. All the stores and our favorite restaurants were closed, and our options were sparse.  


Knowing Jerry had been preparing in the kitchen all day, I called him up just as he was sitting down to eat with his extended family. He wasn’t planning to serve any extra people, but I asked if he could save one plate of turkey for my wife. Without hesitation he said, “Of course,” and soon I was feeding my whole family a Thanksgiving dinner.


I knew I could rely on Jerry that evening and I know I can rely on him to do what is best for all our community. I strongly support Jerry Pentin for Mayor as he so often puts others well ahead of himself.

Bryan Gillette

Pleasanton POA endorses Pentin, Balch, Randy Brown


The Pleasanton Police Officers Association (PPOA) is proud to announce our 2020 City Council endorsements.


These endorsed candidates understand the critical role that law enforcement holds within our community. As our profession and organization continues to evolve, we are confident that these individuals will ensure first responders have the necessary tools and training to continually provide the quality of service we have all come to expect in Pleasanton.


Over the coming years, there will be many critical conversations had and decisions made that will shape the future of law enforcement in Pleasanton. It is imperative that our civic leaders approach these conversations without partiality and with a spirit of collaboration so that Pleasanton can remain one of the safest cities in all of California.


The PPOA endorses for mayor and City Council: Jerry Pentin — Mayor; Jack Balch — City Council; Randy Brown — City Council.


The PPOA strongly encourages everyone to vote on Nov. 3!

Nicholas Albert, PPOA president

Great Neighbor, Great Mayor


When we bought our home and moved to Pleasanton last year, we met Jerry Pentin., as our families share a fence. Jerry and his wife have been very welcoming and warm.


Over time, I realized that Jerry is passionate about Pleasanton. He does an annual fundraiser for veterans, has made substantial contributions to our beautiful downtown, initiated a ban on electronic cigarettes and vaping products in our city, supported a Costco in Pleasanton, and is a contributor and champion of our beautiful parks, especially Bernal Patelco Park and Pleasanton Ridge hiking trails.

Personally, one thing I observed about Jerry that is quite refreshing in today’s politics is that he is honest and straightforward. His words, promises and actions are all in sync. I have seen this many times as his neighbor. With Jerry Pentin, what you hear is what you get.


As our next mayor, he would make our beautiful city even better and safer for all of us. I strongly support Jerry Pentin as our next Mayor.

Vamshi Krishna

Contact Jerry

Mailing Address:
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